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Bank reconciliation is a must have internal control to ensure cash transactions are properly records and identify cash irregularities.

We have been refining our Bank reconciliation software for over 15 years in the Texas Education industry. We are confident that our solution will exceed your needs and increase your productivity.

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Current Process
We understand your possible challenges in reconciling your bank statements in a timely and accurate manner:

  • Too much time to collect organize bank and book data and to perform tedious manual reconciliation
  • Reconciliations are outdated as book records could change, even in prior months or previous year
  • General ledger may not reconcile to subsidiary ledgers for cash disbursement, receipts and payroll
  • Redo reconciliations for multiple accounting periods to include prior year audit adjustments
  • Need proper audit trails to show exactly how transactions are reconciled
  • No adequate staff to ensure a proper segregation of duties
  • No access to a financial expert to ask questions
Current Process

You need a smarter way to automate routine work and to free time on analysis

What We Offer

  • Defined processes to guide the completion and approval of a bank reconciliation with automation to
    • Import bank and book cash transaction data to perform periodic reconciliations within a month
    • Perform internal controls on integrity between general ledger and subsidiary ledgers on cash records
    • Carry over un-reconciled bank and financial records from the previous month reconciliation
    • Auto-match transactions based on configurable business scenarios (e.g., by check number, ACH, payroll direct deposit, deposit to many receipts)
    • Rerun prior month reconciliations at ease to include adjustments
  • Online screens to perform manual matches, document issues or next steps, classify unreconciled transactions to appropriate categories, and define user transactions to show true differences
  • Within Minutes, automate 90+% of matching and provide standard reconciliation reports in PDF and Excel:
    Reconciliation Summary
    Deposits in Transit
    Outstanding Payroll Checks
    Transaction Alerts
    Unreconciled Transactions
    Outstanding Payable Checks
    Reconciliation Workpapers including
    Subsidiary Controls and Transaction Reconciliation Details
  • A seasoned financial expert guides you on the reconciliation process
  • Computer infrastructure options for an in-house or a cloud-based installation
  • Built in application interfaces to import your book data from different financial applications (e.g., TxEIS, iTCCS, Sunguard eFinance Plus, Skyward, Frontline TEAMS, Sage MIP).
What we offer

Your Benefits

  • Full automation to increase operating efficiency and productivity. Free up personnel to focus on resolving exceptions rather than matching items. Enables you to keep current on bank reconciliations
  • Increase the accuracy and quality of your bank reconciliation process for payroll, accounts payable and general operating fund. Maintain complete audit trails of reconciliation by individual transaction
  • Provide a standard presentation of your bank reconciliation reports
  • Access to a financial expert for general questions or directions on your bank reconciliations
  • No additional computer hardware cost; No additional technology support cost

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